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What IPv6 Can’t Do…Yet

Here are some things you can’t yet do with IPv6: PXE Boot: There is no Preboot eXecutable Environment boot standard for IPv6 yet, but there are some developments towards this goal. PXE v2.1 is a 1999 non-open standard, and it

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IPv6 Policy Routing Linux Gotchas

I have two IPv6 tunnels with subnets, one from SixXS and one from Hurricane Electric. (Why? Eh, I’m a tinkerer.) I had them both active and responding to tunnel broker pings on my Cisco E2000 with DD-WRT v24-sp2 rev 14929 firmware, but

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IPv6, Autoconfiguration and

Another search term I am seeing is “ ipv6 equivalent”. In IPv4, the range is what you get if nobody tells your computer what IP address it should have. Many printers and other network devices will pick one of

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How To “arp -a” In IPv6

How to perform the equivalent of “arp -a” in IPv6 for Windows and Linux with video and text demonstrations.

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IPv6 Caveats

Most of these caveats are really with the software specified and not IPv6 itself: Windows XP natively supports IPv6, but it does not provide its IPv6 address to DDNS and cannot use IPv6 for file sharing, remote desktop or name

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IPv6 Is Like IPv4

IPv6 is touted as having new features and terminology, but really it isn’t that different from IPv4.

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IPv6 Basics

Most people seem to miss the point of IPv6. Here are some of the basics.

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